Effective Communications with Delaney & Szabo

DELANEYSZABO bring you bold new breakthroughs to your organization’s communications and messaging

Effective Communications


Mediocrity and average is no longer an option for organizations. With increased competition, cluttered messaging and a hurried society the need for clarity, relevance and compelling action in your communication and messaging is paramount. 

Typically, effective communications skills training are focused on either tricks and gimmicks or shallow manipulation. But true communication transformation requires both applicable information and emotional revelation. “Double or Nothing Delaney & Szabo” bring the total package to your organization with a one-of-a-kind tailored communications presentation that is guaranteed to change the trajectory of your attendees’ professional and personal lives.

Kate Delaney Talk Show Host and The Sports Princess®,  along with Andrew Szabo, “The Marketing Chef™, accelerate individuals’ effectiveness to communicate with clarity, confidence and efficacy. They meld messaging strategy with effective execution, combine cultural styles to highlight neglected nuances and furnish participants with implementable information along with relevant interactivity.

They are not only professional speakers but bring years of experience and diverse perspectives about relevancy, communications, and messaging. Their communication style, personality and real-world “relatability” engage your audience in unique ways with high-value takeaways, clarity of perspectives and easily implementable    action to change their communications messaging overnight.


Kate Delaney
The Sports Princess ® 

Andrew Szabo
The Marketing Chef

Born: New York London
Heritage: Irish-American Hungarian
Languages: American English & Spanish Queen’s English, French & Hungarian
Client Experiences: NBC / Hershey /
WSJ / Kraft / Sun & Ski
Hyatt / HSBC /
R.K.O. / Dell / PlayStation
Background: P.R. / Sports
/ Broadcast
Business: Hi-tech / Low-tech / No-tech
Point-of-view: Tactical Strategic
Top Five StrengthsFinder® : Includer, Competition, Positivity, Relator, Communication Strategic, Activator, Ideation, WOO, Maximiser
Style: “Illuminator” “Force of Nature”
Perspectives: Nonplussed Passionate
Computer: PC Apple
Humor / Humour: Edgy Dry
Favorite Sport: Tennis Triathlons
Drink: Malbec Single Malts
Communicate Best: Night Owl Early Riser
Character: Energizer Bunny® Tigger®
 Effective Communications

Book Andrew Szabo and Kate Delaney and accelerate your attendees effectiveness in communications and messaging.