Employee Engagement – Double Down on Your Internal Team Communications

Employee Engagement = Effective Communications

Accelerate influential interactions. Negotiate with clarity, confidence and effectiveness.

Big organizations move fast. Complexity and noise hinder influence. Mediocre negotiating skills and average influence is no longer an option for leaders. Managing “up” and “across” with political savvy is vital to your success. The need for clarity, relevance and compelling influence in your communication and messaging is paramount.

Are you effective in engaging employees?

Typically, solutions are focused on either tricks and gimmicks or shallow manipulation. But true transformation requires both applicable information and emotional revelation. “Double or Nothing Delaney & Szabo” bring the total package to your organization with a one-of-a-kind tailored presentation that is guaranteed to change the trajectory of your attendees negotiations and influence.

Delaney & Szabo accelerate individuals’ effectiveness to communicate, negotiate and influence with clarity, confidence and efficacy. They meld personality perspectives, power questioning and messaging strategy to furnish leaders with implementable information along with relevant interactivity.

Delaney & Szabo are not only professional trainers but bring years of leadership experience and diverse perspectives. Their style, personality and real-world “relatability” engage your audience in unique ways with high-value takeaways.

TOPICS                                                  TAKEAWAYS
Know Your Audience
– One-on-one
or to One Hundred
Without emotional intelligence you’re just talking and not communicating. Emotional intelligence starts with knowing yourself and knowing others. Learning how to rapidly identify another person’s personality allows you to communicate with relevance, clarity and purpose. Knowing what they value, how they think and make decisions creates profitable communication connection.
Craft Purposeful Power Questions
– To Drive Connection and Engagement
Position yourself as someone who listens, engages and leaves a lasting impression. Develop a list of questions that become second nature so you are never fumbling for a way to drive breakthrough negotiations. Learn the top five questions that are automatic game changers for influential connections from the Nationally Syndicated radio host that’s interviewed over 12,000 people.
Learn Soft Skills of Persuasive Messaging
– To Negotiate and Influence With Ease
Learn the 2,300 year-old secret that influences the heart, mind and soul of your audience: whether it’s a 1:1 meeting over coffee, a sales presentation to ten people or a presentation to an audience of 100. This powerful formula is used in all effective and profitable communications. Use it and you’ll negotiate more effectively, sell you, your idea anywhere, anytime. Plus we’ll share how you can use Hollywood’s scriptwriting techniques to craft your message of influence and leadership.

Book Andrew Szabo & Kate Delaney today for your next conference breakout or corporate training session and “Double Down your Employee Engagement” for more effective and profitable communications.