Effective Communications in the Workplace

Effective Communications = Profitable Communications

Double Down on Your Communications

The presentations are customized for your specific audience. The topics can be presented as a:

  • Keynote address

  • Breakout session

  • Half day or full day workshop

  • Executive round table session

We realize  your meeting is a special event that requires careful planning, preparation and attention to detail. The Profitable Communications team team work with you at each step to make your event  inspiring, entertaining and memorable.

Business Speakers Andrew Szabo & Kate Delaney Deliver Effective Communication Skills For Your Participants through Transformational and Actionable Content!

High Energy, High Engagement & Highly Effective

Known for their diversity of perspectives, style and approach, Andrew Szabo and Kate Delaney deliver attendees fresh insights, new strategies and implementable tactics. They are always in demand! They are active professional members of the National Speakers Association and  several other organizations. Whether your event is a meeting with 25 employees or a national conference with 2,500 attendees, Delaney & Szabo make a measurable and enduring impact.

KEYNOTES to Inspire Effective Communications

Keynotes That Instill Energy and Enthusiasm Into Your Event — and Turn Energy Into Action

Do you want a business keynote where attendees are fully engaged and motivated into action immediately? Are you looking for a business keynote that will literally get your participants talking … with accelerated results?

That’s what Delaney & Szabo deliver! Double Down on Your Communicationsis an interactive keynote chock-full of game-changing content. Attendees transform from passive listeners to active participants. They get the insights, tools and roadmap to communicate more effectively and more profitably!

BREAKOUTS & WORKSHOPS to Develop Effective Communications

Effective communications will profit participants professionally and personally; opening opportunities, deepening relationships and elevating brands.

Revive, refresh and reinvigorate communication style, substance and influence with the Double Down Workshops and Breakouts.

Each module is an intensive communication clinic presenting

  • Actionable content with practical examples
  • Interactive participation to move the needle in communications effectiveness
  • Accountability to action to implement takeaways immediately

Each “Double Down” Breakout  delivers at least 90-120 minutes of informative expert advice, interactive demonstration and coaching.  Attendees will also learn from their fellow participants further multiplying their knowledge and ideation in the session and outside. The half and full-day workshops deliver even more content and hands on implementation. And includes the Double Down”Accountability to Action”™  a process designed to ensure transformation occurs with the implimentation and application of the participants’ newly gained revelations.

Effective Communication Transformation


Engage with Emotional Intelligence & EmpathyEffective communications require empath

Profiting from Personality Perspectives – The Power of Emotional Intelligence

Without emotional intelligence you’re just talking and not communicating. Emotional intelligence starts with knowing yourself and knowing others. Learning how to rapidly identify another person’s personality allows you to communicate with relevance, clarity and purpose. Knowing what they value, how they think and make decisions creates profitable communication connection.

Create Curiosity with Enticing QuestionsCrafting Powerful Questions creates curiosity and enhances engagement

Power Questions – Position yourself as someone who listens, engages and leaves a lasting impression.

Develop a list of questions that become second nature so you are never fumbling for a way to drive the conversation. Learn the top seven questions that are automatic game changers from the Sports Princess Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host who’s interviewed over 12,000 people.

Win Other Over With Your WOW?What's your WOW?

The Power of WOW – What’s Your Number?

Most people don’t know how to describe who they are and what they do. You have 8 seconds to get someone’s attention … if you can’t communicate your WOW you won’t get his or her consideration and you can’t leave an impression.

Position Powerfully to be Simply Irresistible®Positioning YOU!

Positioning Powerfully and Profitably!

If something is simply irresistible you just have to have … or at least find out about it. Don’t you? Simply Irresistible positioning is a scientifically-validated strategic framework that takes the guesswork out of positioning – making you or your offering to have high perceived value, highly differentiated and making your communication not just more power but more profitable too.

Craft Compelling Stories and You’ll be UnforgettableEffective Communications requires Storytelling

The Power of Persuasion & Story Telling – The Secrets to Stimulating Action

Learn the 2,300 year-old secret that influences the heart, mind and soul of your audience: whether it’s a 1:1 meeting over coffee, a sales presentation to ten people or a speech to an audience of 100. This powerful formula is used in all effective and profitable communications. Use it and you’ll negotiate more effectively, sell you, your idea or your product or service offering anywhere, anytime. Plus we’ll share how Hollywood engages you to invest 90-120 minutes of your precious time and how you can use scriptwriting techniques to craft your 8 second hook – your 60 second verbal commercial (trailer) and your core story that is central to all your communications.