Meeting Room Setup for Seminars, Keynotes or Training

Room Setup

If you’ve already scheduled Kate & Andrew to speak, please use the following as a guideline for room setup. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • Well-lit meeting room. Please have the lighting fully on for the entire room to maximize interaction possibilities. If there are windows please draw the curtains or drapes.
  • A spotlight or separate light source for the stage will help keep the audience focused on Kate and Andrew during their presentation especially with larger audience over 300.
    • Please avoid backlighting Kate and Andrew otherwise our expressions and gestures can’t be seen by the audience.
  • Two 6’ tables in the back of the room for Profitable Communications™ product and book sales (if pre-approved)
  • Location of light switches?Effective communications workshops and breakouts room setup
  • Temperature set between 68 – 73 °F  (20-23 °C) Location of temperature controls?
  • Location of fire exits in case we need to direct attendees from the stage in the event of an emergency

If there are more than 70 attendees

  • A raised platform, podium, riser or stage to ensure kate and Andrew and any props are visible to the audience.
    The stage should provide the audience an unobstructed view of Andrew & Kate during their presentation.
  • Place loudspeakers on stands towards the front (for improved acoustics)

Staging area:

  • Stage preferably positioned away from doors that attendees or serving staff would potentially enter or exit.
  • Small round cocktail table for Kate and Andrew’s props
  • Water: 4 bottles (at room temperature)
  • Backdrop: Recommend deploying a dark backdrop on stage to accentuate the presenters during the event.
  • asel with 3M “Post-It” Flipchart and set of marker pens (only for workshops and breakouts)
  • Lectern not necessary

Chairs:Effective Communications - Room Setup - Chairs Staggered

  • Stagger chairs in the meeting room, instead of directly one behind another. This will provide a superior view and experience for your attendees.
  • Set chairs to face the longest wall (i.e., set the room wide, not narrow)
  • Front row no further than 10 feet away from the stage.
  • Seat the participants as close to Kate & Andrew as possible with each chair facing the speakers.
  • Please don’t overseat the room. If you are planning on 200 attendees, set chairs for only 200 (or even fewer). This will encourage the attendees to fill all of the seats, including the front rows.
    • If you’re unsure of the numbers we recommend roping of seats in the back of the room they are actually needed
  • Place handouts or workbooks on chairs before the audience arrives


  • LCD projector (at least 2000 lumens) set up on a separate table from the prop table on stage if the projector is not built into the room ceiling
    Also, please the provide the availability to monitor the presentation in front of us so we don’t have to turn our back to the audience.
  • 8’ screen or larger, the bigger the audience, the bigger the screen
  • Screen setup stage left / house right
    (Please don’t position the screen in the front center of the stage, unless it is permanent)
  • Darken lights directly above the screen

If there are more than 500 attendees

  • Provide IMAG screen to ensure attendees can see our facial expressions, flip chart and props


Extra hand-held microphone for introducer and Q&A session

  • Two wireless clip-on lavalier microphones (for groups over 50) enables Andrew & Kate to move freely on stage, into the audience and be hands-free for props, gestures and exercises
    • The microphones need to connect to the meeting room’s audio system or independent audio system.
    • Please provide audio cable from presentation laptop to sound system
  • Extra hand-held microphone for introducer and Q&A session with attendees enabling the entire audience to hear each question asked.
  • Backup: extra lavaliere or hand-held microphone with a 50’ cord (always a good idea just in case!)
  • Speakers set up on stands stage front and also behind the audience if possible. Please test all audio and visual equipment prior to our arrival.


 Recommended Layouts – Based on Audience Size

Effective Communications Executive RoundtableU-shaped is ideal for sessions with 6-17 attendes, for example the Double Down Executive Roundtable Session. This layout makes it easy for all to see flip charts, screen, props, etc. In this scenario the screen can be placed in the center of the room.











Classroom Option 1 is ideal up to 30 people (10 tables of 3). This layout is conjucive for notetaking, reviewing worksheets and small group interaction. Ideally, the screen for the  projector is “stage left” – to the right of the audience. Depending on the size of the screen, you may want to consider using a small riser to enable attendees in the rear of the room to see the screen.
Classroom Option 2 accommodates up to 33 attendees. Each additional row of four tables (each with three chairs) adds another 12 attendees to the capacity. However, it will become increasingly more challenging for those in the back rows to see the screen and the speakers, especially Kate. Adding a stage or riser solves this issue.
Round Tables set in “Crescent Rounds” is ideal when serving a meal. Position the chairs to face the speakers in a semicircle “crescent moon”. This layout enables attendees to see both the screen and speakers. Recommended for 50 or more attendees.
Theatre Style (for small group) ideal for groups over with over 100 participants
Theatre style (for large groups) accommodates the most attendees in a given area. Appropriate for keynote presentations with 500 or more attendees.
Key: LCD projector on a small table round
Screen on a riser
Rectangular “schoolroom” table (18″ wide preferably)
Round table normally accommodates 8-10 persons (depending on table diameter) – set in “Crescent Rounds” will accommodate 6-8 attendees


  • Contact person name and mobile phone number to finalize room set up and equipment test at least one hour prior to program commencement and preferably have them be in the room during the scheduled time of the program
  • Set-up / rehearsal – What’s the earliest / best time we can set up in the session room?
  • Meals: If the presentation is at the same time as a meal – Kate and Andrew would prefer to eat after their presentation.
  • Mobile Phones. Before the presentation, please encourage the audience to NOT turn off their mobile phones but to to turn them to vibrate and encourage them to Tweet and leverage other social media and use the #DoubleDown hashtag
  • Recording of Presentation: The material presented is protected by copyright. Audio and/or video recording is permitted and encouraged. A separate recording agreement must be signed prior to the event.