Andrew Szabo + Kate Delaney = Profitable Communications

Testimonials for Kate Delaney & Andrew Szabo‘s “Double Down on Your Communications!”


Double Down: Impressive presentation

“impressive presentation”

Mal Bass
President at Global Executive Forum Group

I saw this particular presentation and found it quite impressive and useful, a 2+2=5 in the way they blended their messages. In addition I have seen multiple presentations by Andrew,and his messages are very unique and valuable – one of the very best presenters I have seen for a business leader audience.

Double down: Highly pertinent

“highly pertinent”

Lynn Barrett
Business Development Specialist

I facilitate a monthly professional development lunch and asked Andrew Szabo and Kate Delaney to be featured speakers. They gave a presentation called “Double Down” and spoke to the audience about communication skills. They delivered a fun and dynamic presentation to a packed venue. Andrew and Kate gave the attendees impressive takeaways and they really drove home the importance of being a skilled communicator in today’s business world. If you want a thought-provoking, engaging presentation for YOUR group that is guaranteed to pack a room and deliver highly pertinent information for today’s business professional, call Andrew Szabo and Kate Delaney today!

Double down: Excellent message

“excellent message”

Stu Schlackman
The Sales Synthesizer

Andrew Szabo and Kate Delaney have combined their expertise and talents as two outstanding professional speakers that come from different backgrounds and industries. They have an excellent message to the corporate world that is a must in taking your organization to the next level!

Andrew Szabo is an excellent teacher of marketing and communication skills

“efficient & entertaining

Dr. Rey Adorable
Owner, Advanced Wellness and Weight-Loss Center

Andrew Szabo is an excellent teacher of marketing and communication skills. He can give presentations to large or small audiences with efficient and entertaining qualities!

Informative Presentation

“inspiring & informative

Brenn Miller
Experienced Sales Professional

I had the pleasure of hearing one of Andrew and Kate’s presentations at a Business Development group in Dallas. It was an inspiring and informative presentation, worthy to be shared with more ears. The stories and metaphors used by Andrew and Kate provided a little mental journey for the us, where we all saw the world slightly different than before.

Double Down: Informative Presentation

“informative entertaining”

Herb Ziev
Texas Mortgage Banker

Andrew spoke at a networking meeting I attended and I highly recommend him. His talk was interesting, informative and very entertaining.

Double Down: WOW!


Susan Christenson
Georgetown Mortgage

I was entertained and informed by the Andrew and Kate show on “Double Down on Your Communications” recently. I could recite their main points, but the most meaningful was to “tell a story” and they rapid-fired many while giving their main points. Another point, “the power of questions” piqued my interest and requires the full course in order to personalize MY use of what they outlined. All I can say is WOW, can’t wait to take the full course!

Double Down: Excited to implement

“excited to implement”

Howard Kevin Barber
Graphic Guru, Designer Dude, Web Wizard

Great presentation. I am excited to implement your wonderful topics into my business. Thanks!

Double Down: compelling … GREAT!

“GREAT -compelling”

Suzy Schwartz
Schwartz Financial Partners.

Cooking up magic! That’s what Andrew Szabo does so incredibly well! His delivery and “special treats” are compelling, making him a GREAT choice for addressing your meeting. AND his marketing approach is easly digestable and makes great sense, making him worthy of your consideration for your strategic marketing planning!!

Double Down: Educational & entertaining

“educational entertaining”

Linda Yoo
Owner at Persona Marketing

I heard Andrew and Kate recently at a lunch & learn. Their presentation was not only informative & educational but very entertaining with just the right amount of humor! They were a great compliment to each other.

Book Andrew Szabo, “The Marketing Chef “™ and Kate Delaney, “Sports Princess” if you need an impressive, entertaining, informative presentation!